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I’m a software engineer with experience in Android, iOS, Roku app Development.

I call this website finding Ramim, because so much of what I do involves perpetually and curiously searching for ways to solve problems. That’s how I learn my skills, and that’s how I progress in life and career.
By the way, congratulations, you found me!

I love developing apps. With the magic software, I write stories that come to life in the hands of 100,000+ Android & Roku users every month as tools to enjoy the world of Latin music. However, repetitions bore me, so I’m always trying to learn and master the next best thing. I even have a pet robot, Vector!

I dream of becoming the “go-to person” that brings ideas to life, and more importantly applies all the experiences I've learned to help my community in Bangladesh.

You can reach me at: +1 786-520-6930

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Languages & Tools

Projects from idea to execution


Years of teamwork, debugging, pitfalls and fun.

Lead Android Engineer, Spanish Broadcasting System

October 2018 ─ Present

- Single-handedly developed and deployed LaMusica Roku application with no prior experience in Brightscript.
- Developed Chromecast Support for livestreams, videos, radio stations, and playlists.
- Led the Android mobile team in implementing UI tests using Espresso and UIAutomator.
- Led the Android mobile team into switching from legacy Java codebase to Kotlin codebase with MVVM architecture.
- Reduced app size by 64.5% 79MB to 28MB by throwing away unused libraries, optimizing caches, and finding ways to offload media

Owner, Traffic Mama

November 2017

Created to provide organic traffic updates and the latest news on traffic conditions as an improvement to Google Maps traffic data. Users of the app could post pictures and caption of current traffic situation tagging a specific location.
- Build on the latest android architecture components like Livedata, Viewmodels, etc.
- Extensive use of Google Maps API, Firebase storage, and database.
- Updated use of Location API to fetch device location using GPS/Network depending on availability.
- Used GeoFencing to provide notification around specific area.

Developer, Locafie

June 2018 ─ August 2018

- Used Google Maps & Places API along with different Geo Utilities for Circles, Polylines, and other Map UI elements like custom markers.
- Designed periodic live location updates while the app is in the background using Fused Location API.
- Used Firebase Authentication, Realtime database, Cloud firestore, Cloud Messaging etc to implement several app functionalities.


I believe that personal education never ends

Bachelor's in Computer
Science & Engineering

GPA: 2.9
International Islamic University

A - Levels

GPA: 3.5
Mastermind International College

0 - Levels

GPA: 3.6
British Council
Personal Abilities

Hard work and honesty forms part of my personal system of believes

Critical Thinker

Developed an animated featured cards carousel by restructuring how the entire home screen was dynamically loaded

Problem Solver

Brought firebase crash-free users up to 99.99% from an average of 82% by resolving Crashlytics issues while developing new features

Logical Visioner

Replacing existing Java codebase with Kotlin and MVVM architecture

Work Ethic

Learned Roku's Brightscript language so I could introduce a new TV platform to our loyal Mexican-American audience


I am a completely self taught programmer and take pride in constantly learning new skills

Persuasive Leader

Led the Android mobile team in implementing UI and unit tests using Espresso, UIAutomator, Junit etc.

Happy Team
Jira & Trello
Tickets Closed
Total Coding
Professional Reference

Mr. Mohaimanul Chowdhury, whom we affectionately call "Ramim", has been a key reason in taking our Android presence to a new level.

Never in a thousand years would I imagine that a Bangladeshi developer would fit in so seamlessly with a development team covering Colombian, Bolivian, Venezuelan, Cuban, and Ecuadorian nationalities, frequently descending into Spanglish humor and tech-jargon. Yet Ramim does it with a cheery attitude, an eagerness to innovate, and a single-minded determination to solving a bug or building a feature until resolved.

He gracefully balances a keen knowledge of best practices for Android development while being humble and open to ask the parts he needs to understand, and solely thanks to him now we at LaMusica have the benefit of having our content on Roku, Chromecast and AndroidTV.

I'm truly very grateful to work with Ramim every day, and am excited to see how his talents and achievements accrue!

Daniel Prada, Lead Software Engineer at Spanish Broadcasting System
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